SARS-CoV-2 (SC2), the cause of coronavirus pandemic disease 2019 (COVID-19), is a highly contagious RNA virus. The course of disease per individual remained elusive.

Genefron presents a novel diagnostic test – IFR 500, which employs quantitative RT- PCR(qRT-PCR) to accurately predict the probability for cytokine storm in healthy people if infected by SARS COV-2. It’s achieved by measuring the transcriptional level of selected endogenous genes from blood samples.

We have conducted clinical trials using simple blood samples on patients who have been in full recovery for at least one month and that were Hospitalized (H) and non-hospitalized (NH). After an ex-vivo biochemical manipulation has been performed, our biomarkers were measured. The results establish a threshold between severe – H and moderate mild – NH patients. 

Our results predicted with 91% accuracy, sensitivity 96% and specificity of 81 %

The P value of this model is 0.0005

Our test can indicates before infection whether an individual will be hospitalized or not and thus has 2 main advantages: (i) it can detect individuals at risk, allowing them to take the appropriate measures and (ii) it can prioritize the administration of the upcoming vaccination.

The test is approved for marketing in Israel – AMAR 29820053 and in Europe.

In pipeline – Tool for Medical teams in Hospitals to predict the Covid -19 patient prognosis.