Developing and producing the next generation of personal diagnostics tests.

Genefron Ltd. is active in the field of genomic based personal medicine, using personal gene expression (PGE) signatures utilizing  big data analysis, machine learning algorithms and cell biology knowledge for in-vitro companion diagnostics.

Our promise, forever to be kept, is to focus on the individual patient needs, reduce patient suffer and direct the ultimate treatment for the fastest recovery possible.

We are excited from our new development: 

Covid19 kit – A new diagnostic test may predict an increased risk of severe morbidity and hospitalization from COVID19 infection.

Genefron Ltd. and Clalit Health Services have developed in the last 6 months personalized diagnostic test 
using a simple blood sample, which can diagnose in high accuracy (over 90%) biomarkers expressed in the first stages post infection. The biomarkers  can predict the expected course of the disease in healthy people. The study was conducted at Hasharon Hospital, Israel in collaboration with Dr. Dror Dicker,  Covid-19 department. 

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Our Products

About Genefron

Genefron Ltd., was established in 2011 to develop and manufacture unique diagnostic tests confronting the challenge of personalizing the medical treatments. The company is privately held by the founders and private investors.

Genefron is specializing in genomic expression based personal diagnostics in viral and autoimmune diseases.  We are using gene expression signatures derived from  big data analysis, machine learning algorithm and cell biology knowledge.  

Genefron has already developed its first 3 personal diagnostic kits (PDK) – all CE marked and with Israeli ministry of health approval:

  • IFR 300 In RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) patients – a PDK predicting treatment outcome of the ‘Anti TNF’ drug family;
  • IFR 100 In MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients – a PDK predicting treatment outcome of the ‘Interferon β’ drug family
  • IFR 200 – predicting CMV (cytomegalovirus) transmission to fetus in pregnant women. 


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