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Personalized Diagnostic Medicine

R&DGenefron investing substantial efforts in the field of personalized diagnostic prediction of treatment response and personal treatment:

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Prediction of  IFNβ or Copaxone treatment response in Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are in its last stages before launching


  • Psoriasis – we have found a unique PGE expressed in Psoriasis. clinical trials will initiate soon.


  •    Personal treatment protocol –  Developing personal treatment adjustment based on patient’s Personal  gene expression (PGE). Thus means tailoring personal treatment, on person to person basis, to patients suffering from MS and HCV. This development will allow increasing the recovery rates for the existing or currently developed treatments.

  • Related flavivirus diseases: We explore the development  of several diagnostic tests to such diseases: West Nile  virus (WNV), Dengue fever virus, Yellow fever virus (YFV).
  • New Personal Gene signatures are being developed in Genefron using the Hebrew University and Genefron’s creativity, initiative thinking and entrepreneurship experience. We have promising results yet to be launched.


  • Proof of concept: IFR 10- HCV liver biopsies diagnostic kit (for 5 samles) and IFR 20 – HCV blood samples diagnostic kit (for 5 samples). The kits comply with the requirements of the IVD Directive 98/79/EC. The first  two products (proof of concept), IFR 10 (CE mark ) for liver biopsies and IFR 20 (CE mark ) for blood samples, are companion in-vitro diagnostic kits that utilize this platform invention. These kits predict with 95 % accuracy patients which can be designated as responders, non-responders or relapsed to Hepatitis C virus (HCV)  pre-determined standard of care (SOC) treatment – PEG INFα with daily Ribavirin. It should be emphasized that 50% of the overall HCV infected population are non-responders to this PEG INFα SOC treatment. These non responders currently suffer severe side effects and an unhealthy treatment. Additionally,   the extraordinary cost  for the patient as well as to health provider can be avoided. New direct antiviral (DAA), high efficacy, oral and very expensive drugs are currently available in the market. The use of PEG INFα in many countries is declining. Genefron has used this model as a proof of concept. The  high price of the new DAA’s, has led different countries to adopt different policies regarding its use. in some countries only fibrosis stage 3,4 are illegible to DAA treatment. in such cases Genefron technology can be applicable Genefron Ltd technology does not rely on the drug efficacy. It detects patient personal PGE signature. Thus, Using IFR10 and IFR20 can tailor a personal treatment with or without DAA.


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