In Vitro Companion Diagnostic Kits

Historically: for the same Clinical diagnosis, different people receive the same medication, the same SOC – standard of care treatment.

Recently along with the advances in genetic profiling, it became possible to understand the impact of genetic variability as measured in individuals on the disease progression – meaning measuring our individual immunological strength.

Using a novel method described in 6 patent applications   (assigned to Yissum, the licensing arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem jointly with Genefron Ltd.), we compared responders to non responders, during a specific treatment.

Thus led to the identification of a small list of genes/ bio-markers, with a person by person unique expression, creating a Personal Gene Expression signature (PGES) .

Genefron IFR-10

Genefron has fully developed diagnostic kits (CE marked and Isreali OTC ) for the following viral and auto-immune diseases and therapies:

  • IFR 300 + IFR 310 – RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) – Two products;
  • IFR 100 + IFR 110 – MS (Multiple Sclerosis) – One product; and
  • IFR 200  – CMV (Cytomegalovirus) – One product.

Laws of evolution dictate an individual speed and strength in reacting to challenges to the immune system. We know how to measure this strength and speed from healthy or sick individuals.

This platform technology can provide:

(1) an indication of the current strength of our innate system,

(2) Ability to predict our outcome to treatments in battling: HCV, Dengue virus, Influenza, Poliovirus, west nile virus (WNV) infection, yellow fever and other pathogens triggering the immune system and  predict the outcome to treatments in autoimmune diseases : MS ,RA and other.

(3) provide the clinician a tool to decide the type and dosage of treatments tailored to every individual’s own immune measured characteristics


Genefron  In-vitro companion diagnostics (IVCD) genomic test, composed of 3 stages:

1. RNA extraction and reverse translation to cDNA (by customer)
2. Quantification of specific genes expression using real time
PCR technique. (by customer)
3. Data Analysis  to predict the patient response:  Responder or  Non-responder (Done by Genefron)

 Link to: Certificate of MOH-AMAR



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