About us

GenomGenefron Ltd., was established in 2011 to develop and manufacture unique diagnostic kits confronting the challenge of personalizing the medical treatments. The company is privately held by the founders and private investors.

Genefron is specializing in genomic based personal medicine, using gene expression signatures derived by cutting edge bioinformatics developments, for in vitro personalized companion diagnostics.

Management Team

Yaniv Kotler, M.Sc., LLB, Founder.

Shlomo Pundak, Ph.D., Project Manager

Meirav Ghefter R.R.T, Business Development

Yoav Smith, Ph.D., Scientific Adviser, Genomic Data Analysis Unit, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Intellectual Property

Genefron acquired, from the Hebrew University, exclusive rights to a portfolio of the relevant patents and patents applications for the platform technology that has been developed by this institute.
Genefron is currently conducting seven clinical trials in  medical centers in Israel to evaluate the performance of  new developed personal diagnostic kits.

In addition, Genefron is investing its best efforts to expand its knowledge base, by conducting research that will allow developing new accurate platforms of personal bio-medical knowledge enabling new accurate personal diagnostic kits, personal treatment prediction and direct new drug development


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