Genefron Ltd. – Because the Response is Personal

 Drugs and Genes

We are developing and producing the next generation of personal diagnostics kits.

Our promise, forever to be kept, is to center the patient, focus on patient needs, reduce patient suffer and direct the ultimate treatment for the fastest recovery possible.

We are people dealing with people.

History – To all known advanced treatments a defined (substantial) percentage of people do not respond at all. In other words: People respond differently to the same SOC (Standard of Care) treatment, resulting in prolonged suffering, unnecessary costs and worsening of symptoms.

Our mission – Tailor a personal treatment for the patient, reducing the amount of unneeded drugs consumption, reducing side effects and curing faster

Using proprietary biological & bioinformatics tools (algorithms), Genefron detected a small set of biomarkers (genes) that are:   Specific to each disease/treatment, Representing a personal gene expression signature (PGES).

These biomarkers enabled Genefron to:

A. Determine the personal treatment biological influence and thus Predict a personal response to drugs before treatment & enable:

(1) Tailoring type & dosage to individual

(2) Reducing costly inefficient treatments

(3) Preventing unnecessary suffering caused by ineffective drugs

B. Serve as a companion diagnostics for existing drugs/new drugs

C. Measure a person’s immune system’s speed & strength: Allowing subjects to track of their immune status by measuring intensity & speed of individual immune response, and/or predicting outcome of future infections

Genefron Ltd. is developing new set of diagnostic kits, using specific biomarkers, indicative for a specific disease on person to person basis

 Our personalized medicine products are aimed at enabling decisions and practices for the individual patient by use of personal genetic expressed information. The ultimate result is a personal tailored treatment that increases efficacy and reduces unnecessary patient suffering and costs.


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